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National Arboretum Bald Eagle Nest Cam

Washington, DC


In 2014, a pair of mated bald eagles chose the most idyllic of nest sites within the United States’ National Capital, Washington, DC, nestled high in a Tulip Poplar Tree amongst The Azalea Collection at the United States National Arboretum, which is operated by the United States Department of Agriculture. This was the first time bald eagles have nested in this location since 1947. This pair raised one eaglet successfully in 2015 and two in 2016.

The First Lady carefully brooding her egg.

Photo: Dan Rauch

Mr. President performs a perfect fly-off from the nest.

Photo: Dan Rauch

In 2015, one eaglet was successfully raised in this nest.

Photo: Washington Post

Mr. President and The First Lady are back!

Photo: Sue Greeley

Mr. President brings the family a very large fish.

Mr. President feeding Freedom and Liberty.

Aerial view of the nest.

Photo: Craig Koppie

A regal couple!

Photo: Sue Greeley

Fish for dinner!

Photo: Dan Rauch

The Infrared camera captures all nighttime activities.

Photo: Sue Greeley

We want to thank AEF Volunteers and Staff (special thanks to the AEF volunteer team), Sue Greeley with the USNA, Dan Rauch with the DOEE, and Craig Koppie with the USFWS, for providing information and photos to help create this page. Many questions about these eagles are answered below. Even more questions are answered and explanations given in our FAQ sheet (PDF).

nest history

In 2015, after an educational visit to Capitol Hill, the American Eagle Foundation had the privilege of visiting the National Arboretum, where they first learned about this idyllic nest site. Afterwards, the AEF and USNA entered into a partnership to place two HD video cameras at the top of the nest with direct views into the nest.

After the eagle pair left their nest site in August 2015 for their annual migration, the AEF traveled to DC to install cameras and other related equipment in-and-around the nest tree with the help of experienced tree climbers. The USNA ran about a half-mile of fiber optic cable to the cameras’ control box located about 200 feet from the base of the tree. The entire system is powered by a large mobile solar array that was designed and built by students and staff from Alfred State College, SUNY College of Technology and was partially funded by DC’s Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE).

Each year, improvements have been made with streaming, cam quality, and better delivery. The American Eagle Foundation, the U.S. National Arboretum, and Friends of the National Arboretum , along with other cooperative agencies supporting this project, invite you to share the 2019 nesting season with Mr. President & The First Lady.

summaries of each nesting season

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2018 Nesting Season
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